Getting Started

1. Proof of liability insurance with ETA'S listed as additional insured as follows:

• ETA Wendrow Catering Inc.

• 1480 Old Deerfield Road

• Suite 16 & 17

• Highland Park, IL 60035

2. A signed ETA'S Kitchen Use Agreement

3. A valid food service sanitation managers certificate


Prospective clients should call or send an email to Will in order to set up an appointment to see the kitchen.

Kitchen time is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis unless other arrangements are made in advance.

  • Valid Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificate
  • Liability insurance policy with ETA Wendrow Catering Inc. (named as additional insured to said policy)
  • Signed ETA Wendrow Catering Inc. Kitchen Use Agreement

All renters are responsible for cleaning their workstations (equipment too) as part of their kitchen use. We subscribe to a towel service and will supply all the necessary cleaning supplies to make cleaning up a breeze.

Payment is due after each kitchen session unless other payment arrangements have been made. The monthly renter’s payment is due at the beginning of each month. Unused hours do not roll over to the following month so please plan accordingly.

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